Every wedding has a unique story, but all revolve around one central theme - love. My life-long passion is to capture the magic of life’s precious moments and ensure that your love story is brought to life. From an early age, I witnessed these magical moments assisting my Uncle in Hong Kong as he mastered the art of capturing a beautiful love story with just the right balance of technique and professionalism. My childhood experiences grew from simply assisting my Uncle with his equipment, to today, applying all of the skills I endured to my own cinematography. At such a young age, these moments sparked pure inspiration, leading me to continue the family legacy with Filmore Productions in San Jose, CA, serving the Bay area.

With my broad depth of experience in wedding cinematography, I will preserve the joy and happiness of your wedding day in a beautiful and sentimental film that you will love to watch over and over again. While I will be focused on capturing every precious moment, I also find it important not to disrupt your wedding. It is my sincere goal to seamlessly create a work of art that you can treasure and one day share with your children and grandchildren. 

Fun Facts About Me

  • I can live without a lot of things but I can't live without a cup of coffee.
  • Happy, Positive, Cheerful, and Sociable are my secret recipes of life.
  • Movies that makes me cry - Titanic & Avatar